Cashbox names Matt Thomas chief technical officer

Source: Cashbox

Cashbox is pleased to announce that Matt Thomas, has now been formally appointed as chief technical officer of the Company.

Matt who co-founded the business has been responsible for the design and implementation of the company's IT and technical infrastructures along with the operational teams and business processes. This new role allows Matt to focus on leveraging emerging technologies to speed the planned growth of the Company, whilst maximising performance and efficiencies on the existing platforms.

This announcement comes following the recent appointments of Ciaran Morton as CEO, and David Auger as CFO and Company Secretary.

Andy Wilmot retains his role of Technical Director in addition to overseeing matters of Reporting and Compliance in the business.

Ciaran Morton commented, "This board re-structure has been made with a view to align management resource with the Company's Business Strategy and to maximise on efficiency".

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