FIX Protocol adds Jay Hurley and George Macdonald to leadership team

Source: FIX Protocol

FIX Protocol Ltd. (FPL) is proud to announce that Jay Hurley of Morgan Stanley and George Macdonald of Macdonald Associates have assumed new positions of responsibility within the FPL Community.

Furthermore, the organisation would also like to acknowledge the re-election of two well-respected leaders, George Molina of Franklin Templeton Investments and Matt Simpson of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Jay Hurley of Morgan Stanley has been elected as Co-Chair of the FPL Global Foreign Exchange Committee succeeding predecessor Steven Donovan of Massachusetts Financial Services. Mr. Hurley has worked in the FX Electronic Trading Strategies group at Morgan Stanley since 2003, and since starting his career in the investment banking industry over 8 years ago, he has worked primarily on FIX based electronic trading solutions. He is an active member of the FPL community and will continue to additionally serve as Co-Chair of the FPL Global Foreign Exchange Technical Subcommittee, a position he has held for a number of years.

George Macdonald of Macdonald Associates has been elected as Co-Chair of the FPL Global Fixed Income Committee succeeding predecessor Tony Barral of Knight Capital Group. Mr. MacDonald joined his current firm in 1992 and during his tenure has worked on various FIX Projects and promoted usage of the protocol at exchanges, sell-side institutions and buy-side firms. Commenting on his appointment he stated "I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to increase my participation in FPL. We are witnessing the steady take-up of FIX for Fixed Income; however, I strongly believe there is still significant scope for FIX to continue to evolve within this space through the increased usage of FIX as a facilitator for automated trading, driving even greater efficiencies throughout the industry."

There is also positive news from a consistency perspective as George Molina, Director of Asian Trading at Franklin Templeton Investments has been re-elected for a second term as Co-Chair of the FPL Asia Pacific Committee. Mr. Molina has proven instrumental in the delivery of recent events in the region including the May 10th Asia Pacific Trading Summit whiich was held in Singapore and attracted over 350 industry participants. He is currently pushing a number of initiatives within the Asia Pacific region including the promotion of more efficient electronic access to the Indian exchanges and the promotion of wider implementation and use of FIX in the Australian region. Mr. Molina will continue in this position, alongside Co-Chair Grace Lin of Citigroup.

Matt Simpson, Associate Director of Electronic Trading Architecture at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange was also re-elected as Co-Chair of the FPL Global Technical Committee. Mr. Simpson has served within this position since 2005. Recent achievements during his tenure have included the launch of FIX 5.0, the latest version of the protocol which significantly enhances the functionality delivered by previous releases and the FIX Adapted for STreaming (FAST) ProtocolSM, a data compaction methodology that optimises the communication in the electronic exchange of financial data. Mr. Simpson will continue in this position, alongside Co-Chair Kevin Houstoun, Consultant to HSBC.

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