Tehran Stock Exchange names Ali Rahmani MD

Source: Tehran Stock Exchange

Following the introduction of the new Iranian Capital market law, ratified on November 2005, Dr Ali Rahmani has been appointed as the first Managing Director of the Tehran Stock Exchange Company (TSE) on November, 2006, after the demutualization of the TSE.

Dr Rahmani, in his new role as the Managing Director of the TSE will be responsible for heralding new developments at the TSE to increase regulation and full disclosure of material information by the listed companies, initiate new listing criteria for applicants wishing to be admitted to the TSE, introduce new trading instruments through new and innovative technological advances, promote a better investment climate, encourage necessary actions regarding absorbing foreign investment and participation; and extend the international presence of the TSE.

Dr Rahmani succeeds Dr Salehabadi, who had held the position since November 2005 as the last Secretary General before demutualization of the TSE. Dr Salehabadi will continue working in Iranian capital market as the President & Chairman of the Board of "Securities & Exchange Organization" (SEO) - a newly established organization based on the abovementioned new law.

Dr Rahmani has professional and academic experience in the fields of investment and financial planning management, leasing, auditing, project management, and other related area. He started his executive career in 1993. He was appointed as the Chairman (non executive) of Pasargad Neek Investment and Financial Services Co in 2005 and Chairman (non-executive) of Arad Management Development Co before being elected as the Managing Director of the TSE. During his academic pursuits, he has published numerous research plans, reports and articles on various topics, mostly related to accounting, both in domestic and international journals.

As a university professor, he also participated in numerous seminars. Dr Rahmani holds a Ph.D. in Accounting from Allameh University in Tehran.

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