Netik adds Berl Kaufman and Josette Wys to sales team

Source: Netik

Netik LLC, the industry's leading data warehouse today announced two new senior resources to support the USA sales in Asset Management and Hedge Fund Markets.

Berl Kaufman has joined as Pre-Sales Director for North America with prime responsibility for supporting all sales activities and business development.

John Wise, Chief Executive Officer, Netik, states: "Netik has worked with Mr. Kaufman for almost a year as a consultant on several data warehouse implementations. Mr. Kaufman has excellent insight into the business requirements of Money Managers and Investor Services and will be an asset in enhancing Netik's strengths in product communication in the sales process and be leveraged by our product development group."

Prior to joining Netik, Mr. Kaufman worked at Deloitte & Touche LLP acting as Senior Manager, Capital Markets Investment Management. His responsibilities included leading teams on several technology implementations from data warehousing systems to fixed income compliance reporting to fund administration reporting for companies including Ameriprise, Prudential, PIMCO, US Bancorp, Merrill Lynch, etc.

Before Mr. Kaufman's career at Deliotte & Touche, Mr. Kaufman acted as Vice President, Principle for Zurich Scudder Investments later acquired by Deutsche Bank. In this role, Mr. Kaufman integrated the Bloomberg fixed income trading system with an in-house portfolio accounting system and developed and implemented a security master scrubbing application using Bloomberg data. Earlier at, Zurich Scudder Investments he acted as Technical Project Leader and Developer. Mr. Kaufman is a regular speaker at industry conferences.

Josette Wys has joined as Sales Executive for North America with prime responsibility for sales to Money Managers (Asset Managers and Hedge Fund Managers) for the Mid West and East Coast.

John Wise continues: "Netik sales team continues to leverage professional sales executives from mature markets to communicate Netik's product and solutions. Ms. Wys believes strongly that the process to establish product fit is essential for satisfied customers and all bad projects are the resulllt of poor due diligence on both the customer and vendor sides." Wise continues: "Netik believes that a good vendor selects their customers using the same methods as a customer should when selecting a vendor. One of Netik's due diligence processes, known as an integration study, allows the level of product fit investigation upfront which Ms. Wys is excited about in ensuring best customer relationships and product delivery."

Prior to Netik, Ms. Wys worked as VP of Business Development for INYX Inc. During this time, Ms. Wys directed all new business development, lead generation, building relationships and solution selling to Pharmaceutical companies. Other responsibilities included negotiation and execution of licensing transactions, joint ventures and outright acquisitions. Ms. Wys also held sales management/director positions at PRIDCO, BCJ and holds an MBA.

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