Synctera appoints Ellen Linardi as chief product and technology officer

Source: Synctera

I’m extremely pleased to share today that we’ve created, and filled, a new role at Synctera -- Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO).

Our new CPTO, Ellen, will have responsibility for all of Tech at Synctera - combining product, engineering, data and design into a single team.

We started thinking about this last year as we closed out 2023, and realized that we were growing up into a more and more mature software company. As we kicked off our 2024 planning it became clearer that an experienced and thoughtful leader would be needed for our next phase of growth. At Synctera, our product and engineering teams work hand in hand. It’s our bread and butter. Now they’ll work even closer together.

Finding the right person was no small task, but our search brought us to Ellen Linardi, an incredibly skilled leader.

For nearly nine years, Ellen has led product and design at Clover, partnering with the world’s largest payment processors while building an open, cloud-based point-of-sale platform. Before that, she spent time at Symantec in enterprise security software and at Intuit, where she led engineering teams working on Quicken Health. Her passion for user experience is something we’re thrilled to have here at Synctera.

At Synctera, when we’re not actively improving things, we make sure that even the smallest bit of feedback from a bank or customer gets all hands on deck treatment to discuss and improve how we do things….even if the feedback is positive. It’s important that we always take second and third looks at things to see how we can fix or improve upon them.

If you’re a partner or customer of ours, you’ll be getting introduced to Ellen over the next few weeks. We think that you’ll be as excited to work with her as we are.

Continuing the theme of bringing things closer together and new roles, let’s talk about banks. It has always been clear that banks are the cornerstone of everything we do. I’ve said it before, you can’t have “banking-as-a-service” or “embedded banking” without the banks. The success that we’ve been able to help generate with banks came through a lot of hard work that shows in the technology we build and the solutions we design.

This work is inherently cross functional, and requires deep subject matter expertise to execute effectively. With that in mind, we reached the conclusion that the best way for us to continue driving this success is to create a new role highly focused on the bank side of our business, spanning tech, solutions, and sales.

Our new Chief Banking Officer (CBO) will be filled by my co-founder, Dominik Weisserth. The CBO is a role that Dominik embodies, and one that will become a staple for companies in our space. We’re very lucky to have the absolute best in class. Our current and future bank partners, as well as our customers, will benefit from Dominik’s attention to detail and wealth of experience.

With all of that movement, I also want to share that our co-founder, Kris Hansen, has moved on to start an exciting new journey in the field of AI, an area he’s really keen to spend more time on. Because of Kris’ leadership and craftsmanship in architecting and engineering our platform from its earliest form, we’re able to support really big companies, extremely unique and complicated use cases, and are primed and battle tested for multi-billion dollar operations to run through our platform.

2024 has been fun already, and it’s only getting better. Be sure to follow along.

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