Bank of America delivers online interactive help to mortgage shoppers

Bank of America delivers online interactive help to mortgage shoppers

Bank of America has introduced an online support solution that can detect whether Web users need help filling out mortgage applications and alerts service staff for assistance.

The bank has licensed the Sales Server software from Atlanta-based Proficient Systems. The technology identifies and engages Web site visitors who may be having difficulty and need assistance in filling out online mortgage applications.

The system alerts bank service staff if it recognises certain patterns from customers, such as repeated steps in filling out applications, sessions becoming idle, or if they show a pattern of paging back and forth.

If the signals are triggered, staff send an online invitation that appears on the visitor's screen with a personal introduction and offer of assistance. Visitors have the choice to accept or decline the offer of help. Bank of America says the software does not gather personal data so any applicants retain their anonymity.

Gene Morris, consumer real estate retail sales executive, Bank of America, comments: "Our enhanced online customer support capabilities bridge the convenience and efficiency of the Internet with the irreplaceable value of knowledgeable, real-time personal assistance."

The service was launched in a limited capacity during 2002. The bank says a customer survey conducted between April and June 2003 showed that 96.4 percent of respondents gave the service an overall rating of 'excellent' and 96.5 said they would use a similar service in the future.

Bank of America estimates it will originate approximately $2 billion in mortgage loans through its Web site in 2003.

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