How much is that mortgage in the window?

How much is that mortgage in the window?

Bank of America is to test new 'touch-screen' window display technology designed to promote tactile interactions with passers-by at its South LaSalle Street, Chicago branch.

The proprietary Window Display Technology is described by the bank as a new form of interactive signage, beamed directly onto film hanging just behind banking centre windows. The technology allows customers to get information on products simply by touching the window and interacting with the displayed prompts.

Bank of America innovation and development executive Amy Brady, says: "We really feel like this is the wave of the future when it comes to signage, and providing customers with information at the touch of a window!"

Until touched, the window displays an 'attract loop' of images and messages about a wide variety of products. Once touched, the window prompts customers for additional touches that lead to the products they would like more information about. The display includes dynamic graphics, animation and quizzes.

"We feel like a slight increase in our Windex budget is nothing compared to the excitement and real value that this new signage system brings to our customers," says Brady.

The design, messaging and overall user experience of the Window Display was developed by ad agency R/GA. The test will take place for 90 days on the lobby window of the 231 S. LaSalle Street banking centre.

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