Aconite releases integrated EMV package

Aconite releases integrated EMV package

London smart card software vendor Aconite is bundling its EMV Transaction Enabler application with its EMV Script Processor software in an effort to provide card issuers with a low-cost, integrated EMV migration package.

EMV Transaction Enabler provides issuers with authorisation processing and can be used alongside exsiting processing systems or as a front-end gateway.

The application provides online card authentication processing, message management for extracting and interpreting the EMV data from inbound messages and formatting of data for outbound messages.

The software can be used in conjunction with Aconite's EMV Script Processor, which translates business requests into EMV scripts and allows issuers to use the scripts to manage EMV cards at point-of-sale.

Aconite says scripting is the the only means of controlling the card base after issue and is a vital element of fraud prevention and essential for the management of offline PIN.

Both products are based on J2EE technology and can be implemented as stand-alone systems, reside within an application server or can be deployed in an existing hardware infrastructure.

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