Thomson releases Microsoft Excel add-in for One Analytics

Thomson releases Microsoft Excel add-in for One Analytics

Thomson Financial has released an add-in for its One Analytics platform that allows users to access content, build models and analyse data and reports in a Microsoft Excel environment.

Thomson One Analytics is a real-time analytical workflow system for institutional investors that allows users to monitor markets, portfolios and securities. The add-in is integrated with the platform so that spreadsheet data in Microsoft Excel corresponds with any content viewed.

The application provides access to premium content including First Call global estimates, real-time notes and research, I/B/E/S aggregated forecasts, Worldscope fundamentals and company issued guidelines.

Suresh Kavan, president of Thomson Financial's investment management group, says: "The integration with Thomson One Analytics ensures that clients' models are dynamically updated, providing them with the most current information at all times."

Clients can use the application to access models, portfolios and reports created in One Analytics, to drag and drop the data fields into spreadsheets and to retrieve analyst estimates by boker. Pre-formatted templates are also included to enable users to quickly create new models.

Thomson says its existing First Call Link clients can upgrade to the One Analytics add-in for no additional charge.

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