Deutsche Bank licenses ACI software for Italian card business

Deutsche Bank licenses ACI software for Italian card business

Deutsche Bank is to roll out ACI Worldwide's payments processing system, Base24-es for Enhanced Authorisation, across it's Italian credit card business.

The bank's Italian card division, called BankAmericard, is the second largest card issuer in the country, with more than three million cards in circulation and a 20% market share.

ACI says the software will reduce the number of hardware platforms in use at Deutsche Bank Italy and provide enterprise-wide access to a single interface for monitoring card transactions.

In addition, the system allows users to create authorisation rules faster in order to react to fraudulent activity in real time. Staff can also modify processing logic through scripts defined in an easy-to-use syntax similar to JavaScript. These scripted rules can be applied to new versions of the products.

Natale Capone, general manager, credit card division, Deutsche Bank in Italy, says: "The scripting capability in ACI's software will allow us to replace a system that was difficult to maintain and reduce the number of hardware platforms, while gaining the flexibility to easily implement new authorisation logic."

ACI Worldwide says a key part of its research and development has gone into creating effective ways of providing authorisation processing logic that can be adapted to specific business requirements.

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