Bred contracts with NCR for 320 Personas ATMs

Bred contracts with NCR for 320 Personas ATMs

Bred, the largest regional bank of the Banque Populaire Group, has signed an agreement with NCR Corporation to replace 320 ATMs at its branches in France, the Caribbean and on Reunion.

The 320 Personas ATMs will replace all of Bred's existing in-branch units as well as some external machines.

The initiative is part of the bank's compliance for funds transfer security regulations that come into effect in France at the end of the year. As part of its compliance project, the bank extended a concept applied throughout its network since 1999, whereby branch outlets can operate without traditional tellers handling cash.

Sylviane Levesque, consulting organiser for the bank's compliance project, says: "Our agencies have been fully automated for some time, improving staff and customer security. For cash withdrawals, we have even developed a temporary card for single withdrawals that can be initialised at the reception desk."

Bred says the new ATMs will also offer customers improved levels of service.

In response to the new requirements, the bank has focused on security between the armoured vehicle and the branch and all its ATMs are now back-loaded, with reloading and maintenance carried out in a separate room.

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