Banque de France to roll out Trema's Finance Kit

Banque de France to roll out Trema's Finance Kit

The French Central Bank, Banque de France, has selected Trema's Finance Kit for its foreign exchange operations, reserve management, domestic portfolio management and monetary policy activities.

Finance Kit will replace four systems across the bank's front, middle and back office. The vendor says a single solution will reduce costs and improve the stability of Banque de France's IT infrastructure.

Middle office functions of the package include performance measurement capabilities for the bank's portfolio management operations. Banque de France will also use the new version of Trema's Central Bank Accounting Module (CBAM II) to manage its monetary policy operations.

Thierry de la Bret├Ęche and Christine Pignet, Banque de France, say they expect Finance Kit to provide a robust IT architecture that will be simple to maintain and that will evolve with the bank.

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