Discovery Capital Management live with Trema's Finance Kit

Discovery Capital Management live with Trema's Finance Kit

US hedge fund Discovery Capital Management has gone live with the latest version of Trema's flagship package, Finance Kit, which features new functions for asset managers.

Finance Kit is an end-to-end solution that automates the entire investment management process, from order and portfolio management to analysis and Web-based reporting. In addition, the software includes real-time information capability and a single point of deal-entry will reduce exposure to operational risk.

Harry Krensky, principal, Discovery, says: "We are excited about the benefits this new technology will extend in terms of real-time risk management, performance monitoring, STP, operational efficiency, integration and the competitive advantage it provides us."

Trema recently launched version 6.0 of Finance Kit, which features key enhancements specifically designed for asset managers. The vendor says it expects to see significant growth within the asset management sector over the next few years.

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