Vasco introduces new banking authentication tokens

Vasco introduces new banking authentication tokens

Vasco Data Security, a provider of security products for e-commerce, has extended its range of its digital identity hardware tokens to include two products - Digipass Pro 560 and Digipass 260 - aimed at the banking sector.

The Digipass 560 Pro system replaces the vendor's Digipass 550 and Digipass 500 tokens which are used in financial applications. Digipass 560 is an authentication code generator which has multiple functions, such as digital signature capabilities. New features of the system include multiple language support and the implementation of the recent AES algorithm.

Vasco's Digipass 260 token is a password protected authentication device, offering remote access and verification for e-signatures.

Jan Valcke, president and COO, Vasco, says the firm has already received orders for the new products from its installed base of 200 financial insitution customers.

"We are convinced that the introduction of Digipass 260 and Digipass 560 will allow us to grow even quicker in the financial sector," says Valcke.

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