Disnat opens new direct access brokerage in Canada

Disnat opens new direct access brokerage in Canada

Disnat online brokerage, a division of Desjardins Securities, has opened DisnatDirect, billed as the first direct-access brokerage service offered by a financial institution in Canada.

DisnatDirect offers investors a direct, no-intermediary link to stock exchanges and ECNs at a cost of $9.95 per transaction. It has been built in co-operation with the founders of online investor centre Webfin.com.

The DisnatDirect platform comes in two flavours. DDpro is a software application for very active investors that offers access to the markets through level II stock exchange lists. DDpro's dynamic tools enable the investor to consult ten portfolios and eight graphics, and to use the intelligent stop order system (trailing stop loss). DDpro also makes it possible to access ECNs and extended-hours trading sessions.

The DDweb platform provides an integrated transaction centre for active investors, displaying all necessary negotiation data in the same window and offering unlimited dynamic lists, as well as real-time account management.

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