Fujitsu-ICL previews Windows 2000-based Web ATMs

Fujitsu-ICL previews Windows 2000-based Web ATMs

Fujitsu-ICL Systems has previewed its Series 800 family of ATMs, billed as North America's first, full-scale cash machine to use the Microsoft Windwos 2000 operating system.

The release is Fujitsu's first new ATM product line in North America since 1995, when the Series 7000 Advanced Platform line of ATMs and cash dispensers was introduced. The new machines are being displayed at the Bank Administration Institute's Retail Delivery 2000 show in New Orleans.

The Series 8000 will be rolled commercially in April 2000 with the first installation scheduled at Allfirst Financial in Baltimore. The East Coast bank has ordered 79 of the machines in a multi-million dollar agreement with Fujitsu-ICL.

The new line provides consumers with Web-enabled, technology that not only allows them to securely deposit and withdraw money, but potentially purchase airline and movie tickets, phone cards and lottery tickets as well as pay bills, apply for loans and view personalised weather forecasts and stock prices on line. Unlike its NT-based predecessor, the Windows 2000 platform has the ability to support multiple displays from multiple sources.

"This is the future of ATMs," says Ron Omohundro, executive vice president and general manager for Fujitsu-ICL's products division based in La Jolla, Calif. "Consumers expect more. As with other aspects of their lives, they want technology that simplifies daily tasks. By incorporating the Windows 2000 operating system with automated banking, Fujitsu-ICL has done just that."

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