TietoEnator signs four new deals for ProSwitch SwiftNet system

TietoEnator signs four new deals for ProSwitch SwiftNet system

Swedbank, Germany's ING BHF-Bank, Dexia Banque Internationale of Luxembourg, and Danish computing services firm Bankernes EDB Central (BEC), have each signed agreements to implement TietoEnator's ProSwitch SwiftNet connectivity solution.

Swedbank, ING BHF-Bank and DexiaBil already use TietoEnator's ProSwitch messaging platform but will deploy the system's new SwiftNet connectivity components to migrate to Fin services on the IP-based network.

The three firms are expected to move to the SwiftNet service this year. ING BHF-Bank will connect ProSwitch with a common Swift alliance gateway (Sag) at the group's office in Brussels, while Dexia BIL will replace its existing IFT solution with TietoEnator's SwiftNet solution for FileAct.

BEC, a service bureau for financial institutions operating in Denmark, including the country's central bank, will implement the ProSwitch platform to route and distribute messages in its internal application environment as well as providing access to the SwiftNet service for all user banks.

The agreement also allows BEC to provide outsourced SwiftNet Connectivity to other banks and service bureaus. The firm will migrate to SwiftNet for Fin services starting Q1 2004.

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