Banque Raiffeisen extends Diebold ATM outsourcing deal

Banque Raiffeisen extends Diebold ATM outsourcing deal

Diebold has won a five-year outsourcing contract with Banque Raiffeisen for the continued maintainance and management of its network of self-service terminals in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Under the terms of the contract, Diebold will take full responsibility for the Monetic Server Luxembourg (MoSeL server) through which Banque Raiffeisen's self-service terminal network is routed. The MoSeL server, developed by Diebold in the early 1990s, manages the operations of the country's 360 self-service machines, directing information to the banks' main servers and authorisation centers.

The new outsourcing contract involves: project management; server installation and maintenance; application design and maintenance; automated teller machine and network management (including remote monitoring and content distribution); software support and security monitoring.

Diebold is also developing a range of customised solutions, including a Web interface to allow branch personnel to manage machines at their own workstation.

Other services include the provision of emergency support for high-street branches and the management and transport of cash with CIT companies.

Alain Marchioni, head of ATM department, Banque Raiffeisen, says the deal will enable the bank to concentrate on its core banking business. "Where it is possible to outsource non-core activities, it is both sensible and cost effective to do so," he says.

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