Gemplus launches Identrus smart card solution

Gemplus launches Identrus smart card solution

Gemplus has launched a smart card-based solution for members of the bank-backed Identrus global trust network.

GemSafe IS (Identity Signature for the Identrus system) is built on Gemplus' GemSafe public key infrastructure (PKI) security technology. The French company says it will enable Identrus participants to gain a high level of security for their online B2B transactions and benefit from the simplicity and portability of a secure smart card-based solution.

The Gemplus chip card has passed Identrus technical interoperability testing and is currently being implemented by seven Identrus member financial institutions, says the company.

The package includes:
GemSafe IS Workstation for corporate customers to digitally sign and authenticate themselves on the Internet with a PKI card, a reader and the signing interface software;
The GemSafe IS Manager card management system to manage the lifecycle for issued cards;
Personalisation services that bind a card to its owner; and
Consultancy services to assist financial institutions from planning to operation, implementation and review.

Frank Edme, director of the banking B2B business unit for Gemplus says the total package enables financial institutions to integrate a complete smart card solution from one single vendor.

Identrus, founded by a consortium of banks in April 1999, is creating a secure framework for corporates to conduct business transactions online using digital certification technology.

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