Trace Datawise takes Deutsche-developed trade capture software to market

Trace Datawise takes Deutsche-developed trade capture software to market

Trace Datawise Financial has released WebTM, a new browser-based data entry and message generation tool for fund mangers and retail brokers that was originally developed for Deutsche Bank.

Available as part of Trace Datawise's Messaging Process Framework (MPF) architecture the package has been designed to integrate trade entry capabilities into a customisable investment management Web platform.

The vendor says WebTM eliminates the risk involved in fax and telex communication for fund managers and retail stockbrokers by automating the process of capturing clients' transactions.

Deutsche Bank is currently rolling the system out to its users as dbPortfolio Instruction Entry.

Peter Jacaruso, global head of product development in Deutsche Banks' global securities services unit, says: "To date, few organisations in our industry have the ability to offer an online trade entry application that is successfully integrated into a robust, customisable investment management Web platform."

The package uses thin client Web browser technology with easy-to-use input screens.

Trace Datawise managing director Jo Sethi says: "Transfer agents and fund distributors could reap significant benefits by automating their data capture operations, without having to impose fat-client workstation solutions on their customers. Larger companies using WebTM could save money by replacing their existing point-to-point connections."

She adds: "If the host institution's IT strategy includes sponsoring a SwiftNet Closed User Group for its clients, WebTM is the perfect application to place at the centre in order to make this strategy a reality."

Pricing will be under a two tier system for small and larger users. Larger customers may wish to choose the monthly rental option, says Sethi.

Trace Datawise will be demonstrating the package for the first time at the Swift international banking and operations seminar (Sibos) in Geneva later this month.

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