Researchsummary releases Word2RIXML conversion program

Researchsummary releases Word2RIXML conversion program

Researchsummary has developed a software program that converts documents from MS Word format into RIXML (Research Information Exchange Mark-up Language) standard files.

The software, dubbed Word2RIXML, can take a Word document created with a specific template, examine its contents and output that content as a RIXML version. 2.0 compliant file.

The application works in much the same way as the current system financial analysts use to convert Microsoft Word drafted research reports into Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) documents for distribution to institutional clients, says Researchsummary. After completing the document, the analyst clicks a button on the Word toolbar to convert the document into a RIXML file. Alternatively, the conversion can be made by the broker’s production department, once the document has passed compliance and editorial checks, either as a single conversion or running in batch mode.

The program is available stand-alone or as part of researchsummary’s proprietary NavigateDepth platform. The NavigateDepth platform is XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language) -based, enabling RIXML documents and associated resources such as PDF, Word, Excel, video and audio to be indexed, stored, retrieved and displayed. The system will accept RIXML data either using the Word2RIXML converter and/or directly from a broker’s internal databases. The same platform will accept data in RIXML from any broker or data feed provider, for example Fitch Ratings or Reuters.

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