SimCorp upgrades TMS2000 investment management system

SimCorp upgrades TMS2000 investment management system

SimCorp has launched version 3.2 of its TMS2000 investment management system, offering users improved portfolio and benchmark analysis, support for multiple portfolio masters and the use of external benchmarks.

Multiple portfolio masters enables static and reference data to be shared by a company operating in several countries as well as departments.

In the Position Analyses section, a new window - Benchmark and Portfolio Analysis window - enables users to view key ratios for large quantities of data and make comparisons between portfolio positions and a chosen benchmark. Data can be seen as a table, pivot table or 3D chart view. For the Danish market only, the system has been integrated with RIO, enabling direct access to key ratios for Danish mortgage bonds.

The upgraded TMS2000 system also maintains external benchmarks such as MSCI, DAX, FTSE and S&P.

Other highlights of the new release include generic limits, fund administration enhancement, overnight index swaps and a beta calculator for equities.

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