Hypercom terminals pass Europay EMV tests

Hypercom terminals pass Europay EMV tests

US-based Hypercom Corporation is the first company to win EMV level two accreditation from Europay for its retail point-of-sale terminals.

The level two tests address the correct processing of chip card transactions and ensure global inter-operability. Hypercom is the first card payment terminal vendor that Europay International has so far accredited.

Hypercom claims its solution now complies with all international and payment scheme standards and with the EMV 3.1.1 credit and debit chip card specifications developed by Europay International, MasterCard International and Visa International.

UK-based third part transaction card processor First Data Resources, which has been running end-to-end transaction testing on the Hypercom smart card POS terminal, says the EMV solutions will now be distributed to mutual customers with initial implementations to start in the UK in November.

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