Lloyds TSB adopts keywords for easier Internet access

Lloyds TSB adopts keywords for easier Internet access

Lloyds TSB Insurance has become the first major UK corporation to integrate Real Names' Internet Keyword shortcuts across its marketing and advertising campaigns.

The facility makes it possible for Web users to type in everyday words and phrases to quickly locate information and application details for Lloyds TSB insurance policies, including motor, home and travel insurance.

RealNames' Internet Keywords is an Internet navigation system that transports people directly to locations on the Web without any need for a www address - online users merely type a company, product or brand name into the browser bar. For example, Web users looking for Lloyds TSB Insurance information need only type Internet Keyword: Lloyds TSB Home Insurance instead of the Web address, www.insuredirect.lloydstsb.com Internet Keywords can also be used in search engines like MSN, AltaVista, Voila and UKMax.

"By integrating Internet Keywords into our marketing campaigns, we have made our online information and sales service more user-friendly by ensuring that both new and existing customers have quick and simple access to the areas they are interested in," says Mike Mitchell, Director of Distribution, Lloyds TSB Insurance.

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