Kyberpass joins IBM e-payment effort

Kyberpass joins IBM e-payment effort

Kyberpass has allied with IBM to develop an online trusted e-payments solution designed for Identrus member banks.

The joint e-payments offering will enable banks and other financial institutions to more easily adopt the standards-based Identrus framework when using the Eleanor payments specification, say the vendors.

Under the agreement, Kyberpass will become a key technology provider to IBM's trusted e-payments offering, part of the WebSphere Financial Network platform previewed at the end of April, that brings together all areas of expertise at IBM to enable trusted B2B e-payments for the buyer and seller and facilitated by the banks.

Under the terms of this relationship, Kyberpass has developed a new WebSphere MQ Series interface for its Identrus Compliant Transaction Coordinator that will enable secure routing of all transactions.

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