DataSynapse/Reuters ally with Intel

DataSynapse/Reuters ally with Intel

Chip-maker Intel is stepping up its financial markets alliance programme by entering new marketing deals with peer-to-peer computing firm DataSynapse and news and information group Reuters.

Under the agreement with DataSynapse, Intel has agreed to jointly market the New York-based vendor's distributed computing infrastructure software product, LiveCluster, to top securities firms, commercial banks, and insurance companies. DataSynapse is currently demonstrating its technology, which enables firms to harness the power of idle computers for memory-sapping transaction processing tasks, on the IBM stand at the SIA show in New York.

Intel provides core technology development for LiveCluster, and is also promoting the product through its recently launched Solution Blueprint programme.

Also at the SIA show, Intel and Reuters have announced that they are expanding the scope of their Global Solutions Alliance for the financial services industry. Under the agreement, Reuters is to port and optimise a number of enterprise solutions such as Reuters Market Data System, as well as its professional trading platforms, for Intel-based systems containing either Intel Xeon or Itanium 2 processors (for server systems) or Pentium 4 processors (for desktop PCs). In turn, Intel will help Reuters fine-tune its enterprise and professional platforms such as Reuters Plus.

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