BrokerageAmerica adds investment tools to Web site

BrokerageAmerica adds investment tools to Web site

BrokerageAmerica has revamped its Web site to incorporate new investment products and services, following its acquisition of online brokerage firm One Financial Network and its subsidiary The Financial Cafe.

BrokerageAmerica's Web site now offers retail customers a range of investment tools including stock quotes and charts; portfolio tracking; low-fee streaming financial tools; earnings estimates and analyst rankings; company fundamentals; and mutual fund ranking and screening capabilities.

Customers can also access education and retirement planning tools; Morningstar 401k tools; and a knowledge centre with educational information on all types of investment products. Additionally, the site provides online banking services; mortgage resources; insurance information and comparison rate shopping; and investment tax information.

Drew Sycoff, CEO, BrokerageAmerica, comments: "When we launched BrokerageAmerica, we were focused solely on providing streamlined trading services for self-directed investors. Our merger with The Financial Cafe enabled us to significantly expand the breadth of our offering while still protecting our core value proposition - low-cost commissions, rebates and fast, efficient trade execution."

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