SunTrust asks Jeeves

SunTrust asks Jeeves

SunTrust Banks is using natural language query technology from Jeeves Solutions' to provide customers with an 'Ask SunTrust' facility on the bank's Web site.

The Ask Jeeves service understands, processes and responds to plan English requests. For example, SunTrust's customers can now ask questions such as 'How do I access my mortgage account online?' or `Where can I find information on the security of SunTrust online banking?' and be directed to relevant answers on the company's Web site.

The bank will also use Jeeves Solutions' customer analytics to base site content upgrades, sales and marketing programmes on customer questions.

Gene Kirby, director of e-business at SunTrust, notes: "Jeeves Solutions' services will make it easier for clients to find answers on our Web site. They'll also provide us with the ability to analyse the types of questions clients are asking so we can make enhancements to the site and better meet their needs."

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