Identrus-compliant Outlook for Kyberpass

Identrus-compliant Outlook for Kyberpass

Kyberpass Corporation is to showcase its new Identrus-compliant secure e-mail trust platform for Microsoft Outlook at the RSA Conference 2002 in San Jose, California this week.

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, the Kyberpass Secure E-mail TrustPlatform enables large enterprises and Identrus member financial institutions to conduct high value, non-refutable communications by ensuring that messages can be digitally signed, encrypted and validated in real-time. The product reduces the significant legal and financial ramifications which can result from e-mail-related security breaches such as eavesdropping, forged mail and identity theft, says Kyberpass.

Thomas Nolan, president and CEO of Kyberpass adds the new platform takes the burden of implementing, administering and managing complex security policies and certificates away from both end-users and network administrators.

The system combines the K2 E-mail Agent Plug-in for Outlook 2002, Outlook 2000 and Outlook 98 with the Kyberpass Validation TrustPlatform, which includes a Windows 2000-based OCSP responder for real-time certificate and digital signature validation.

The product will be rolled out in March 2002 with prices starting at $30 per client for deployments of 1000 or greater.

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