MasterCard EBPP service goes live

MasterCard EBPP service goes live

MasterCard Remote Payment and Presentment Service (RPPS) has gone live with its electronic bill presentment service, processing transactions from billers to consumers via participants Billserv and Online Resources Corp.

The MasterCard RPPS model allows biller service providers (BSPs), such as Billserv, to communicate with multiple consumer service providers (CSPs), such as Online Resources, via a single connection through the RPPS hub.

Billserv currently has 96 signed billers; 76 are in a production environment stage, with the remaining 20 in various stages of implementation. Online Resources distributes bill payment and presentment services to more than 525 banks, thrifts and credit unions.

First Virginia Banks Inc. is a participant in the RPPS program via Online Resources and is planning an expansion of the service to its customer base in spring 2002.

Several other major BSPs and CSPs are also expected to go live in the first quarter.

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