Digital Insight upgrades e-banking suite

Digital Insight upgrades e-banking suite

California-based Digital Insight Corp. has upgraded its Axis Internet banking, management console and cash management products.

Axis Internet Banking provides end-users with secure access to all their bank accounts from their home, office or other location, around-the-clock. Enhancements include expanded online statement capabilities, including statements for investment retirement accounts, as well as savings and current accounts. Multiple account runs are now also possible, allowing clients to process online statements more than once a month.

A loan overpayment feature has also been added, that allows Internet banking end-users to apply excess loan payments toward either principal or interest balances.

Axis Management Console is the administrative facility behind Axis Internet banking. Administrator registration has now been streamlined. Activity reporting modifications have been introduced to enable more detailed reporting of end-user activity.

Axis Cash Management enables a financial institution's business customers to manage their accounts and cash flow online anytime, anyplace. The product has been upgraded to provide electronic bill payment registration for corporate customers, and enable users to view exceptions of payments processed and provide instruction as needed.

Further enhancements include simplifying the financial institution's management of bill payment users, and greater control over who can add and maintain customer profiles through administrative functions.

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