Only 6% of top crypto companies have female CEOs – Forex Suggest

Only 6% of top crypto companies have female CEOs – Forex Suggest

Research from Forex Suggest reveals that blockchain CEOs are disproportionately male-dominated, with women only making up 6% of crypto company CEOs.

The study conducted a gender comparison looking at 50 leading crypto and blockchain companies and comparing the influence of their CEOs and the gender disparity in leadership positions.

The research found that the companies with the highest levels of female leadership staff were Chainalysis and BitOasis, with 46.15% and 42.86% respectively. However, female staff in leadership roles were still less than the men.

The remainder of the list revealed that ‘high-levels’ of female leadership constituted of only a third of management roles being filled by women in companies Coinbase, Elliptic, Circle, and Anchorage Digital. At the bottom of the list was Coinrule and Trust Capital, neither of which have any women in leadership roles.

Even in up and coming sectors such as AI, a gender bias is prevalent.

Looking at the countries with the most equal adoption of crypto, the research indicated that 47% of crypto share owners in Vietnam are female, with 43% in Indonesia, and 42% in Kenya and Colombia.

The study points to how women are underrepresented in the digital assets sector, and more opportunities need to be made available to women looking to break into the crypto field.

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