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JPX takes stake in Nomura-led blockchain business Boostry

JPX takes stake in Nomura-led blockchain business Boostry

Japan Exchange Group (JPX) is taking a stake in Nomura-led blockchain project Boostry as part of a deal to push the development of the security token market.

JPX now owns five per cent of Boostry's shares, with Nomura holding 51%, NRI 34% and SBI 10%.

Founded in 2019, Boostry has developed 'ibet for Fin', a decentralised finance platform operated by a 15 firm-strong consortium and used to issue security tokens for securitised products and corporate bonds.

Working with Boostry, JPX has already developed a scheme for a Digitally Tracked Green Bond, a bond-type security token issued by the exchange.

Through the new alliance, JPX will develop other services in conjunction with the ibet for Fin consortium and work to establish a new capital market scheme with the aim of developing the security token market.

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