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CBA using productivity app to spy on staff

CBA using productivity app to spy on staff

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has come under fire for using an app that tracks workers' downtime, ordering 'non-productive' workers to apply for a leave of absence.

The Bank is using the 'Navigate' app to track mouse clicks, movements and how often an employee is at their computer

According to The Australian, Commonwealth Bank team leaders are interrogating suspected cases of absenteeism, half-dayism and long lunchism and ordering not-so-productive workers to apply for leave.

A Commonwealth Bank spokesman said the app had been "useful" in seeing exactly what staff were doing during the day.

"The information we collect has been useful in ensuring our people stay in touch in the various ways of work we support at CBA or, for example, to record the appropriate type of leave taken when our employees take leave or are off work," the spokesman told The Australian. "This has been especially helpful throughout and post-Covid as people have returned to the office, allowing us to better manage space in our corporate offices."

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Nothing like working for an employer that trusts you!