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French payments firms Synalcom and Qori merge

French payments firms Synalcom and Qori merge

French payments firm Synalcom and Qori are merging to form a new company, called Sylq, that promise to offer an all-in-one merchant payments platform.

The deal combines Synalcom, which is one of France’s biggest electronic payment providers with more than 20,000 business customers, with the smaller and younger mobile-first startup Qori.

Sylq will provide businesses with an integrated payments offering, supporting purchases by card, bank transfer and crypto on any payment terminal or Android and iOS device, whilst also enabling remote and online payments. The new firm will supply, personalise, support and maintain terminals across Europe.

Tony Delalande, founder of Synalcom and president of Sylq, says: "Sylq will revolutionise the European payments landscape, directly challenging Adyen and Stripe."

Daniel Maurice-Vallerey, co-founder of Qori and CEO of Sylq, adds: "As a cutting edge payments leader Sylq has the technology, client base, financial strength and leadership expertise to provide a unique offering to European merchants with unparalleled flexibility."

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