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Want to own a portion of Warhol's Four Marilyns? Sign up with Sygnum

Want to own a portion of Warhol's Four Marilyns? Sign up with Sygnum

Digital asset bank Sygnum has tokenized an iconic Four Marilyns painting by Andy Warhol, enabling investors to stake a claim to co-onwership under the Swiss DLT legal framework.

The artwork has been tokenized using Sygnum’s Desygnate solution, with 5,000 Art Security Tokens (ASTs) exclusively available to Sygnum clients. Each token is priced at CHF 1,089.97, with a minimum purchase of 10 tokens stipulated.

Based on a publicity photograph from her film ‘Niagara’, Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Monroe series has enjoyed long-term price appreciation. Since 2000, this series have generated 17 percent of all Warhol auction sales, despite being only 3 percent of volume, and has consistently outperformed both the Warhol and Artprice Global Indices.

The return on investment of comparable works over the past 20 years has been 19.09%.

The issued 5,000 tokens are available for subscription via the Sygnum e-banking portal, and trading via the company's SygnEX secondary market. All transactions will be settled in Swiss Francs using Sygnum’s Digital CHF stablecoin (DCHF), underpinned with the legal certainty of direct physical artwork ownership under the Swiss DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) framework.

Fatmire Bekiri, Sygnum Bank’s head of tokenization, says: “Warhol’s iconic Four Marilyns truly immortalises one of the Golden Age of cinema’s most illustrious stars. By leveraging blockchain technology, we’re building a future where owning such world-renowned paintings could one day be as simple as buying a can of tomato soup - like those also made famous by Warhol.”

Sygnum last teamed up with art investment outfit Artemundi in July last year to tokenise a Picasso painting, Fillette au béretn, offering 4000 ATS for a share in the work.

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