nCipher develops Swift TrustAct interface

nCipher develops Swift TrustAct interface

nCipher, a provider of security solutions for electronic transactions, has developed an interface to TrustAct, the Internet-based PKI messaging and validation service from bank-to-bank payments network Swift.

The agreement ensures interoperability betweem TrustAct and nShield, nCipher's hardware security module.

Swift's TrustAct service allows financial institutions to provide corporates with trusted messaging over the Internet. The service supports the online identity validation of businesses in B2B exchanges and adds non-repudiation by time-stamping and safestoring all messages exchanged between trading parties.

nCipher's nShield hardware security module provides transaction acceleration and secure key management and storage capabilities for secure B2B e-commerce. nShield is Identrus compliant and meets the required Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-1 for key security and tamper-resistant physical hardening.

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