CertCo develops interface to Swift TrustAct

CertCo develops interface to Swift TrustAct

Security solutions provider CertCo has developed an interface to TrustAct, the Internet-based PKI messaging and validation service from bank-to-bank payments network Swift.

The agreement ensures interoperability between TrustAct and CertValidator, CertCo's Validation Authority.

Swift's TrustAct services is designed for financial institutions and their corporate customers to establish confidence in the identities of online counterparties. TrustAct also provides for time-stamping and safe storage of all messages exchanged between trading parties.

By using CertValidator in conjunction with TrustAct, financial institutions will be able to validate digital certificates from any major certificate authority (CA), including Baltimore, Entrust and RSA. CertValidator enables financial institutions to simultaneously confirm the identities of their customers' online trading partners and authenticate and authorise their electronic transactions.

The solution also features patented Fast-Path Revocation and Fast-Path Suspension technologies that enable invalid digital certificates to be immediately revoked or suspended, says CertCo.

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