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Walletmor sells payment implant number 1000

Walletmor sells payment implant number 1000

British-Polish startup Walletmor has sold its thousandth biopolymer payment device that can be implanted just under the surface of the skin.

Available for €199 in EU and $299 in the US, the implant is the size of a small safety pin and about half a millimetre thick, consisting of an integrated circuit and a metal sheath acting as an antenna.

Launched last year, device number 1000 has now been bought by a resident of Turku, Finland. Walletmor says that Scandinavia accounts for 20% of its global sales.

The firm, which is the world's only manufacturer of payment implants, says that it now plans to expand to the Middle East.

Wojtek Paprota, CEO, Walletmor, says: "From now on, the sale of implants, which we will count in the thousands, will be a clear signal to the market that our startup is just accelerating."

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