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Walletmor rolls out payment implants

Walletmor rolls out payment implants

British-Polish startup Walletmor has lunched the ultimate contactless wearable, a biopolymer payment device that can be implanted just under the surface of the skin.

Available for €199, the implant is the size of a small safety pin and about half a millimeter thick, consisting of an integrated circuit and a metal sheath acting as an antenna.

The biopolymer was created by scientists from laboratories of VivoKey Technologies Inc. from Seattle, and comes with current biocompatibility certificates confirming compliance with the ISO 10993 standard.

"Until now, no one has produced a payment implant that is safe and accepted all over the world," says Wojciech Paprota, creator of Walletmor. "In order to use the implant, you only need to set up an account on the European iCard platform and transfer some money into your account.

He says that almost 200 people across the UK, Germany, Poland and Scandinavian countries are already making payments using the implant every day.

Implantation is painless and takes only 15 minutes, says Paprota. Currently, there are over 50 recommended Walletmor professional implant installers in the European Union, including traditional hospitals, clinics and aesthetic medicine laboratories.

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