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BNP Paribas joins Anthemis VC fund

BNP Paribas joins Anthemis VC fund

BNP Paribas has made its first investment in a fintech venture capital fund run by Anthemis.

The investment is being made through the Fench bank's Global Markets Strategic Investments unit, which invests in high growth fintech companies. It further strengthens the current portfolio of fintech investments made by Global Markets, which includes the likes of Kantox, Symphony, Saphyre and Forge.

Olivier Osty, head of global markets at BNP Paribas, says: “We are delighted to be investing in Anthemis which has a strong track record in fintech investments. We are not only investing in the fund but also looking at potential partnerships and co-investment opportunities which will support the capital markets industry and develop the next generation of fintech champions.”

A long-time investors in the fintech scene, Anthemis in December closed on a number of funds with a combined value of $700 million, brining the firm's total assets under management to £1.2 billion.

The unit has already forged deep partnerships with the likes of Barclays Bank via the Female Innovators Lab, and BBVA through a startup studio in London.

Anthemis chief executive officer Briana van Strijp, comments: “For over a decade, Anthemis has been committed to reshaping financial services, cultivating change by investing in, growing, and sustaining businesses committed to improving the world. This work cannot be done without partners like BNP Paribas.”

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