JPMorgan launches MorganMarkets

JPMorgan launches MorganMarkets

JPMorgan has launched a new integrated Web site to offer investors online access to the latest market research.

The new MorganMarkets site integrates the firm's existing credit & rate markets and global economic & policy research Web sites. It promises enhanced performance, more comprehensive research and an interactive library, says Jan Loeys, global head of credit & rate market research.

Using the new service, investors can access research from across markets and products, with in-depth reports covering fixed income, economics, credit, derivatives, emerging markets, foreign exchange, futures & options, portfolio, structured finance, technical analysis and indices.

It features a range of analytic reports, data and interactive tools such as DataQuery, so that clients can view trade/investment scenarios and adjust data across products to meet their needs. In addition, an e-mail alerts service can notify clients of the firm's latest research.

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