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Danske Bank tests quantum communication for data transfer

Danske Bank tests quantum communication for data transfer

Danish researchers are claiming a breakthrough in IT security after using quantum communication to transfer data between computers at Danske Bank.

The researchers, from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) worked with Danske and KPMG on the project, which successfully transferred data between two of the bank's computers that simulate data centres.

The event marked the first data transfer in the Nordics secured by quantum keys on a network outside a laboratory.

The transfer was carried out using technology developed at DTU called continuous variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD), which enables the creation and sharing of secure encryption keys with the help of standard telecom fibre optics.

This means it can be used in the bank’s network, offering a path for future data security and the race against cyber criminals, says a statement.

Lance McGrath, chief security officer, Danske Bank, says: "We are very proud to help the researchers reach this milestone and at the same time gain first-hand experience of quantum-safe data transfer, which potentially has great significance for the future security of digital communication.

"As a bank, we have a responsibility to constantly seek new ways to protect our customers’ data and ensure that we are a step ahead of the criminals in the tech arms race."

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