Finextra's top whitepapers of 2021

Finextra's top whitepapers of 2021

With 2021 drawing to a close, we take a look back at our most downloaded whitepapers over the course of the past year. These reports are Finextra-led and cobranded, based on editorially balanced, independent, referenced desk-based and online research.

Top whitepapers of 2021

10. Stemming the tide of Social Engineering Scams with Behavioural Insights

This research paper from Finextra, in association with BioCatch, explores the recent uptick in social engineering attacks globally, and how banks can respond using the latest technology and security measures.

9. Addressing the Poverty Premium: A data-led approach

Poverty premium is a term that means so much more than being charged more for certain products and lack of credit history; it can also equate to digital exclusion. Download your copy of this Finextra white paper, produced in association with Cognizant, to learn more.

8. Facing up to the Future: Biometric Automation in Banking

This white paper from Finextra, in association with iProov, explores explore the latest technologies available to banks to facilitate biometric ID verification and authentication, the perception and preferences of banking service users and the current methods and techniques banks are employing, as well as how cloud-based biometrics can bridge the gap between now and the future of seamless and secure authentication services. 

7. Factoring of the Future - Why Factors need to look to the Cloud

Download your copy of this white paper from Finextra, produced in association with Comarch, which explores the challenges for new and existing factoring companies, how these can be addressed using cloud software, and what it takes in a digital ecosystem to stay competitive and grow quickly.

6. The Cloud-native journey - Why Hybrid Cloud and Open Source go hand-in-hand

From a business, security, risk and operational standpoint, the stakes have simply become too high not to be hybrid. Download your copy of this Finextra white paper, produced in association with Red Hat, to learn more.

5. SMEs Front and Centre

This whitepaper from Finextra, in association with Fiserv, focues on the problems and challenges SMEs grapple with, and how they can operate more effectively when armed with the right toolkit. Such use cases will demonstrate the products and solutions FIs can create with the power of instant payment rails and overlay services.

4. Responding to Lending Disruption

The lending market has been ripe for disruption for some time – and now Covid-19 has exposed the laggards, brought innovators to the fore, and accelerated trends that were already in motion. This report, in association with FIS, explores this subject. 

3. Adapting to a shifting Cards Landscape

The payment cards industry has changed dramatically in recent years, with new technologies and regulations spurring innovation and lowering the barriers to entry for issuers. Meanwhile, there has been a shift to digital payments, which has created opportunities for bank and non-bank issuers alike. Download your copy of this Finextra white paper, produced in association with FIS, to learn more.

2. What will drive the journey towards cashlessness and digitalisation?

Market dynamics and infrastructure vary greatly per country and region but the direction of innovation and change are converging on the same outcome: digitisation and cashlessness. Read this Finextra white paper, produced in association with HPS.

1. Corporate Onboarding: Will it become a competitive differentiator for banks in a real time world?

This white paper explores how banks can deal with changing KYC regulations and the incoming 6AMLD; what technology can be utilised to assist banks achieve seamless corporate onboarding; and what stands to be lost, and more significantly, to be gained, with a seamless real-time onboarding experience. Download your copy of this Finextra white paper, produced in association with Kyckr, to learn more.


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