Thomson Financial upgrades trade order management system

Thomson Financial upgrades trade order management system

Thomson Financial has upgraded its buy-side equity order management system, Oneva Trade EQ, to include trade blotter enhancements, greater integration of real-time pricing, and the ability to convert Indications of Interest into orders.

Christy Bremner, Thomson Financial’s portfolio solutions group director of product management, says: “Oneva Trade EQ is more than a routine system upgrade. We’ve made extensive user interface and workflow enhancements, all centered around improving the speed and performance of trading decisions."

Using Oneva Trade EQ v6.0, traders can configure their blotter window to provide multiple, simultaneous views. Each open blotter view is actionable, and displays data configured by each user. A summary blotter can also be utilised simultaneously, enabling traders to view block trades summarised to one line item on the blotter, with the ability to drill down to details underlying any individual order.

Kristine Maw, Thomson Financial’s portfolio solutions group product manager for trading, says: “A user can quickly scan and act on open blotter views that display orders allocated for a given day, orders assigned to a particular trader, or all the orders being worked on by a particular broker or portfolio manager.”

The ability to incorporate remarks on the blotter allows users to share and view information on a particular order. The blotter has also been redesigned to allow traders to make edits directly in the blotter grid. When used in conjunction with a new auto-allocation feature, traders can enter their executions on the blotter and Oneva Trade EQ will process the allocation in real-time.

A real-time pricing engine allows traders to integrate pricing data into the blotter view. The ability to plug real-time prices in modeling, also gives traders more accurate results in base market value calculations, says the company.

The new version incorporates the ability to receive and monitor indications of interest, as well as display IOIs on the blotter relative to existing orders. Traders can quickly turn these IOIs into orders, and Oneva Trade EQ will create a broker assignment to streamline order routing via FIX, as well as automatically allocate orders for FIX assignments. Other FIX enhancements include the ability to accept unsolicited execution notices. NOEs are electronically routed to Oneva Trade EQ for trades entered into an ECN or through a broker.

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