Sibos hosts first live demo for Entegrity TSP

Sibos hosts first live demo for Entegrity TSP

Unisys, Global Commerce Systems, CyberElan, CCEweb and iSignOnline are to present the first live demonstrations of the Entegrity Trust Services Platform (TSP), to bankers attending the Swift international banking conference in San Francisco this week. The Entegrity TSP has been designated as compliant with the bank-backed Identrus programme for securing B2B transactions online.

"The Entegrity TSP enables our members and technology providers to rapidly deploy applications that take advantage of the Identrus trust model," says Kristin Kupres, chief operating officer for Identrus.

Entegrity Solutions has been engaged by Identrus to help ensure that applications from an array of vendors will interoperate with the Identrus global e-commerce system in live demonstrations during the Swift conference and also to assist with logistics surrounding the event.

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