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HSBC unveil AI-powered equity index structured product

HSBC unveil AI-powered equity index structured product

HSBC has added an AI-powered equity index structured product to its wealth offerings in Hong Kong.

The new index is part of the AiPEX family of indices, which was developed by HSBC with EquBot, using IBM Watson AI to analyse millions of data points and turn them into investment insights.

The index is designed to objectively evaluates each of the 1000 largest US publicly traded companies and select those whose stock prices are poised for growth.

It operates by ingesting and learning from publicly available and continuously generated data points - press releases, tweets, a satellite image of a shop parking lot, or even the tone of language a CEO uses during an earnings presentation.

Justin Chan, head, Greater China, global markets, Asia-Pacific, HSBC, says: "In an increasingly complex investment landscape where each data point could represent a potential market trend, the ability to process real-time big data has become a differentiator at times of market volatility.

"AiPEX5 simulates a team of thousands of analysts and traders working around the clock to analyse millions of information pieces and identify potential investment opportunities."

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