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Tinkoff rolls out voice assistant to non-customers

Tinkoff rolls out voice assistant to non-customers

Tinkoff is making its voice assistant, Oleg, available to non-customers, giving all Russians access to the bot's non-financial services features.

A beta version of Oleg can be activated in the Tinkoff super app or via messenger services such as Telegram and VKontakte.

Oleg can answer, record and transcribe calls, as well as converse with callers and recognise their speech activating necessary conversation scripts. The assistant also recognises and protects against calls from fraudsters and spammers.

Stanislav Bliznyuk, chairman of the management board, Tinkoff, says: “Today people in Russia have two big problems while making and receiving calls on mobile phones: spammers who inundate them with calls and fraudsters who try to deceive them.

"This is why we decided to train Oleg to turn it into a “wall” between mobile subscribers and undesirable calls, and open it to subscribers of all mobile operators."

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