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Sweat equity startup platform Object Astra launches

Sweat equity startup platform Object Astra launches

Object Astra, a sweat equity platform aimed at people who have been furloughed or layed off during the pandemic and founded by two former JPMorgan technologists, has launched in the UK.

The new platform uses an algorithm to link people who have a business idea with those who have the skills they need, in exchange for equity in the business.

Under development for two years, the launch has been accelerated as a result of the pandemic, with people on furlough and out of work searching for ways to keep busy and supplement their incomes.

The site costs £1 a month to use, and people who sign up to the platform can create a profile, submit their ideas and skill, and hold out for prospective collaboration opportunities.

Ex-JPMorgan Technologist & co-founder of Object Astra, Christiaan Trahms, comments: “We sped up the launch when it became clear that millions of people on furlough or out of work need to do something to supplement their incomes and also express their boredom and frustration in a productive way that will directly benefit them.

“So many of these people will have genuine great ideas for a business, but don’t know where to look for advice or find the people with the skill sets they need."

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David Gyori
David Gyori - BANKING REPORTS, LONDON - London 21 December, 2020, 07:46Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

I like this! Good idea, delivered at the BEST time!