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Mastercard targets touchless economy

Mastercard targets touchless economy

As merchants adapt to the Covid-19 world, Mastercard has unveiled AI-powered technology designed to enable touchless shopping.

The payments giant is working with AI and computer vision technology partner Accel Robotics on its Shop Anywhere platform, which promises to improve the speed of the shopper journey by eliminating points of friction through robust inventory and participating shopper analytics - offering consumers no wait, no checkout lines, and secure payments.

Among those trialling the technology is a Dunkin’ restaurant where customers can approach the store and pick up their coffee and donuts - walking away without any face-to-face interaction.

Meanwhile, Mastercard is also working with SoundHound and Rekor Systems on an AI-powered Drive Through platform. The system uses vehicle recognition, voice ordering, and AI to remove the need for an employee to take an order. In addition, customers can receive personalised and dynamic menu offers based on historical purchasing trends either based on the store or the individual.

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